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Polycom – Studio Bar

USB Video Bar built for Small Rooms with Big Ideas

Poly’s huddle room solutions are purpose-built ensuring a consistent and reliable experience that will drive small group productivity and encourage team agility. the Polycom Studio has a front-facing camera that supports UHD 2160p video capture with a 120-degree field of view, and 5x digital zoom. Its video capture capabilities include auto group framing for wide shots, as well as zooming in on the particular speaker in the group. Its microphone array, mounted on top of the camera, is able to make use of intelligent features like Polycom Acoustic Fence and NoiseBlock to mute “distracting background noises and other unwanted sounds.” The Polycom Studio is portable only from room to room as it still needs to draw power from a wall socket. It is connected via USB Type-C to a host computer that operates the collaborative platform of choice; the Polycom Studio supports Microsoft Skype for Business, Microsoft Skype, and Google Hangouts, just to name a few popular selections. The device also supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for other host devices; however, only the audio video conferencing capabilities of the Polycom Studio are utilized in such a setup. For the full experience, a direct connection to the USB port of the host computer is still recommended.

Polycom Studio is an easy-to-deploy video bar

The Polycom Studio is a video conferencing device for small meeting rooms or “huddle rooms”. It’s easy to deploy and manage at an enterprise level. The device is 700mm long, 70mm wide, and 105mm tall; it resembles a sound bar that has been sliced in half, length-wise.

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